EPA:KATO by studio:ludens
what is it?

design your own coaster

epa:kato lets you become the designer of your own product. Be no longer dictated by mediocre one-design-fits-all products. Take creative control over the products you buy!
Custom lasercut and optionally engraved, it will be a distinct addition to your living room or a truly original gift for a friend.

online design tool

It's all you need and it's so intuitive you start designing straight away. Shape it, see it in 3D and save it.
This online tool makes it easy and fun to design, for everyone!

smart pattern system

To make the design process simpler, faster and more fun we have created a intuitive pattern system. It will help you to create cool designs in no-time and leaves lots of space for exploration and experimentation.
pattern system
what you get
set of 4: 26 EURO
what you get

set of coasters & pouch

You can order your coasters in sets of four or more. They are made of durable plastic with a pleasant soft feel.
Every set comes with a protective pouch to safely store your creation.

they fit like a puzzle

Every shape you make will be interconnectable.
Extremely addictive to fiddle around with, they are prone to attract everyone's attention.
coasters fitting like a puzzle
available in two colours
extra option

2 colours

Choose from this stylish brown and black the one that fits you best in your living space.
Order 2 identical sets with different colours to create even cooler patterns.

engrave with text

A quote, your name or a personal message; leave your imprint on the coasters by engraving them with text.
It's a great way to personalize a gift for a small surcharge.
engraved coaster saying: 'hooray, richard is 50'